Bed Time

In order for the rest to be revitalising, all its components linens, blankets, duvets, pillows and mattresses
must be balanced in terms of the combination of materials, ease of use and maintenance.

Our laboratories are constantly searching for new technologies and materials
for each of the elements in order to improve the balance while maintaining maximum competitiveness.

A good sleep is essential forphysical psychological wellbeing. We spend almost a third of our lives in bed. For this reason we are convinced that only the excellence of every single part of the bed allows reaching perfection of sleeping. 

We focus on the balance among all of the bed components: structure, mattress and linens, thus assuring high quality. It is our contribution for hoteliers who  fulfil their task of delivering maximum comfort to their customers whilst respecting their budget.

Italidea stands out by proposing alongside the traditional bedlinen sateens, the so-called 300 Thread Count (in actual fact they are all around 280 Thread Count ), thinner and thinner yarns of prestigious quality for the highest level of   comfort. From the 376 Thread Count single yarn (Ne 80/s yarn count in weft), through to the prestigious 1000 Thread Count achieved by using Ne 200 2-ply twisted yarns. This bestows a unique lustre to the fabric, making it very smooth, durable and resistant to the pilling effect.


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