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    Tailor Made textile products

    The history of Italidea began long before the launch of the brand. Today’s company is the result of extraordinary experience in the textile industry, which exceeds 120 years, 80 of which have been dedicated to the production of high-quality linens. The perfect combination of skills, acquired over the last two decades, has enabled Italidea to earn recognition in the market, offering unique attributes that only companies with such a long tradition can boast.

    Today, we not only sell the best Tailor Made textile products for hotellerie, catering, travel and private labels, but we also pay special attention to the demands of customers who pay extra care to the well-being of their guests.

    Please contact us to learn more about the wide range of products we offer.


    We think and operate globally

    The company has acquired in-depth knowledge of national and international markets, a great expertise in the production cycle and logistics, all while adhering to high quality standards, thanks to the experience gained over the years, which in turn is made available to its valued customers.

    Italidea keeps looking out for corporate partners around the world who share its philosophy, with the aim of guaranteeing the consistent excellence of each product while respecting the environment. Italidea is able to provide customised solutions and advice to meet any request, always creating a product that is never the same.

    It all starts with a single thread

    Knowing the markets, building strong customer relationships and being able to interface with the changing hospitality, travel and private label sectors is not enough.

    If we think about it, being able to rely on a product of undisputed and proven quality is the key  factor for  excellence. At Italidea, we select the raw materials for our bath ,bed and table linen. The art of weaving is an integral part of our work and we want to make the most of it, using the best cottons, wools, microfibres, polyesters, cashmere and linen.

    For the travel sector, we offer items that comply with current safety regulations, such as fireproof blankets and throw blankets. All items are designed to be resistant to frequent and prolonged use over time, maintaining softness and shine.

    We offer custom-made textile solutions and are always ready to consider partnerships in order to grow and improve.

    Do you want to become a supplier? Contact us.

    Do you want to become a supplier?

    Contact us.