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    About us

    Italidea Srl: tailored textile creations for the hospitality industry

    Italidea was created from the desire of 3 partners to promote their passion for textiles in the Hospitality, travel and private label business.

    The art of hospitality is the key feature of the best luxury hotels, prestige residences, high-class restaurants and travel companies, including airlines, cruise lines and railway companies. Italidea established itself in the industry through its ability to offer customised textile products to meet the needs of hospitality professionals to look after their guests.

    The combination of tradition and innovation allows us to maintain the right balance between quality and price at all times. Our textile creations are adapted to the demands of luxury establishments, whether they are hotels, restaurants, cruises, private yachts, trains or planes.

    We are an Italian tailored textile supply company, based in the province of Como, from where we maintain relationships with customers globally.


    Who are our customers?

    In the past, it was common for luxury hotels to offer designer linen as a reflection of the hotel’s prestige.

    With the evolution of the industry, a considerable increase in competition and the trend towards standardisation, customers looking for high-quality linen solutions have become less and less. With Italidea, we want to address precisely this exclusive clientele, which is mostly represented by high-end hotels. These are precisely our customers, for whom we provide tailor-made linen, carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each one of them.

    Likewise, we tailor textiles for the catering and travel industry, such as cruise ships, airlines and rail companies, and we also work closely with companies that want to create an exclusive and unique collection.

    Artisans 2.0

    We use supply chains that reflect Italian taste and culture, which perform well for the specific channel, at the same time being flexible in costs applied and needs of each customer. We encourage, where possible, the choice and use of a completely Italian supply chain.

    A hotel, a resort or a cruise line may opt for linen made entirely in Italy for its most exclusive suites, at the same time, we offer products from different sources, always guaranteeing high quality.

    Our strength lies precisely in the flexibility with which we approach each individual case, but without ever proposing solutions that fall below certain quality levels, and, very important, working on customised items.

    Find out what we can do for your business and get in touch directly with the Italidea team.

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